The Surprisingly Spacious 2020 Kia Soul


If you have been looking for a vehicle that will suit the needs of your family, looking towards the 2020 Kia Soul might be the right choice. Its bold style will help it stand out from any model that you find, but that doesn’t mean it has any less space for you to enjoy. We welcome you to our dealership so that you can get inside the 2020 Kia Soul and see how much space it will provide.


Room for Your Passengers

From legroom to overall passenger volume, the 2020 Kia Soul has everything that you could need for a road trip. Every seat has the space for an adult to sit comfortably, having up to 102.2 cubic feet of passenger volume. The rear seats rival the space of the front seats, generally only having an inch or two less for every dimension. Many SUVs do not give consideration to the rear seats, but the 2020 Kia Soul makes sure everyone has the space that they will need.


Room for Your Gear

No matter if you are going to keep the seats up or if you want them folded down, you will be able to bring along all the items that you need. With all the seats being used, you will have up to 24.2 cubic feet of cargo space. When you can fold the seats down, you will have even more space, getting up to 62.1 cubic feet of cargo space to bring along some of the biggest items that you might need.


Visit for a Closer Look at the 2020 Kia Soul

Our experts are here to answer your questions so that you can be confident choosing the 2020 Kia Soul as your next vehicle. We will get you inside the 2020 Kia Soul so that you will be able to see the spacious interior, making it clear that it is the model you will want in your life.

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